Dear Human: A Letter From Your Cat

We all love our little pets, and cohabiting with them is like living with any roommate, sometimes it can be a love hate relationship. It's easy to know how your fellow flat mates feel about you, because there is the possibility of an open discussion to bring matters to light. However, how do you know what your little pets are thinking ? It's not like you can just openly and bluntly ask them to share their feelings. Well you can, but expecting an answer that makes sense in human words is a long shot. Meows and woofs, and long intense stares only go so far in communicating thoughts. Most of the time we can guess what our pets want, either food, to go outside, a rub and pet, or to play. But maybe there's more that they want to communicate, maybe they have a whole host of pent of feelings they're just dying to let out and share.

Well in this funny little article on the "Huffington Post" website, the author entertains us with a rarely vocalized perspective - from a cat. He writes to his human owner, and expresses all his pent up feelings. So if you've ever wondered what your cat was thinking, then this will likely shed some light on the situation. This poor cat has a living situation like many other cats, coexisting with a fellow dog. Of course sometimes there's a mutual love and respect for one another. This little feline on the other hand, is not fond of sharing his space with a smelly dog that licks food off the floor, and doesn't clean himself on a daily basis... read the article if you're interested in a little laugh. It's a funny perspective that I'm sure a lot of kitties can relate to !

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