Dance of Wild Horses

Horses are a species of the Genus "Equus" - including domesticated horses. Some species of wild horses (like the Tarpan) had become extinct in the past couple of centuries but some have been rescued from the edge of extinction and re-populated. The Tarpan, was probably the most-likely ancestor of the domestic horse we know today.

Ancient Indians believe that spirits live inside every animal. They believe that animals have spirits that can "teach us". For example: they say the coyote is "wise", the grizzly is strong, turtle is patient and the ravens gossips. A blackfoot Indian once said: "Everything under the sky has a voice to speak with and knowledge to tell. Humans are only one instrument in life's orchestra and are responsible for keeping themselves in tune." The ancient Indians believed that even perceived meaningless tasks of tribal life have spiritual rituals attached to it, even the way an Indian hunter would request forgiveness from an animal before he kills it (to feed his family). The wild horse even had a special teaching and it meant a "spiritual journey" when you saw one. There were many types and breeds of wild horses, and if you think of a herd of multicolored horses, some blue-eyes, some browns, some marked with blotches of colors or shaggy manes - you know what a sight it would be to behold. Wild horses once roamed free through the meadows, with their manes blowing in the wind as they galloped across the prairies. They are now found sparsely populated in far corners of the lands, sometimes in numbers as small as 400. Imagine the echoing and thundering sound of the ancient herds of thousands and thousands of horses cantering their hooves across the plains. These ancient horses of the past, changed the lives of people on the plains. They were used to hunt buffalo, and as a balance of power and a prize of wealth. There are some groups that are even referred to as the People of the Horse. With the Native Americans now-a-days, horses still prevail as symbol of tradition and as sources of pageantry, pride and healing.

The photos galleries found after the link to Free Horse Pictures and photos are inspiring and capture these gentle creatures wonderfully. They serve to remind us of all ancestory, and that the wild horses of today, still need our help to ensure that they have a future in the tomorrows to come. Feel free to click the link to see some beautiful dancing horses!

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