Crazy Rock Climbing - No Feet

I remember reading a lot of cowboy comics when I was young. They were all pretty generic stories about our outlaw hero wandering into a rough-cut Western town, thwarting the plots of more villainous cowboy outlaws (none of them actually had any cows to watch, mind you - that would've made for some pretty awkward scenes). Usually the whole story would culminate in a show down, and our taciturn hero would out-draw an entire posse of thuggish villains. There was one saying, however, that came up a few times in these comics: "no matter how fast you are, there's always going to be somebody faster." As a plot device, this phrase had a huge impact on the nature of the stories. The quick-draw heroes weren't like Superman, who always necessarily wins. Every now and then they'd meet their match, and would have to seek victory in other ways.

The reason I bring this up (and digress a little, I must admit), is because of the Youtube video I just watched, of a man doing some pretty impressive rock climbing without using his legs at all. It's really impressive. And it just goes to show, no matter how good you are, you have to be prepared one day to meet your match, no matter what the skill. You can practice guitar for years, and still be easily out-riffed by a studious Chinese nine-year-old on Youtube. You can work on understanding calculus for decades, just to feel your jaw drop when you see those NASA fellows at work. And, if you're a rock climber, every now and then, the truth of the matter is that you're going to come across a video of a man climbing without his legs. I guess it's good to go through life with a certain amount of humility. I'll keep you no longer: it's your turn to go watch the video at the Youtube link below.

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