Clean Your Shower Door with Shampoo..and This Will Work Better Than Anything!

Thinking of the best cleaning products for bathroom, you probably wouldn't think of using shampoo, but it's true, you can clean your shower door with the same suds you use on your head to clean your hair. There's no need to buy a special glass shower door cleaner when what you need is right in your shower already. Who knew the best cleaning products for bathroom cleaning would be things you already have on hand like shampoo? It's definitely worth a try if you have a really dirty glass shower door and don't really know how to effectively clean it. Usually, you might use abrasive cleaners like Comet or Ajax, but you also have to be careful not to scratch your glass. Since shampoo is nice and gentle because it's formulated to be used on your head, it will work gently on your glass door too. Better yet, you can use an all natural shampoo which is better for the environment than harsh bleaches and chemical cleaners. You can use any kind of shampoo, just be sure that it doesn't have conditioner added into it because this will leave a nasty film on the glass door after you're done cleaning it.

If you have a glass shower door, you're probably aware of how gross the bottom rubber piece can get. This bottom piece is called the tracking on the glass door; it helps the door stay in place when it's closed, and helps keep the water from your shower within the shower area. If you don't have one of these tracking pieces, you may notice that a lot of water seeps through the little space and onto the floor leaving you with a little puddle of water to clean up after each shower. You can get replacement metal, rubber, or plastic shower tracks at your local hardware store too if your's is missing or, if it's broken or beyond dirty and not worth cleaning. Usually what happens over time is the residue from soaps and from the water builds up on the bottom of the shower door creating a gross orangish pink looking scum. You can try to prevent this scum from accumulating by rinsing your shower door off regularly, so no residue builds up. But if you're like most people, you don't really notice it until it's too late and you need a quick and easy way to remove it. Good thing there are awesome bathroom cleaning hacks like this one to help you find the best cleaning products for bathroom cleaning.

All you need for this cleaning tutorial is some simple shampoo. It doesn't matter if it's an expensive brand or a special formula, just plain shampoo will do the trick. Just take a good amount of the shampoo and make a lather and spread it all over the shower door until it's covered in suds. You can leave it sit for a little bit if you have a lot of water marks and scum built up on it, but you can also wipe it off right away too. Just simply take some dry rags and begin wiping the soap off of the door until it's clear, then polish it up with a clean, dry rag. For the tracking, you can usually remove it so you can really get under it. For really stuck on gunk, you can even carefully use a razor blade to scrape it off. The shampoo works awesome on the faucets in the shower and in the bathroom sink as well. Enjoy trying out these bathroom cleaning hacks and be sure to check out more cleaning tips and tricks from Hometalk.***

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