Building A Hot Tub Gazebo

Have you seen the film ‘A Cinderella Story’? “Chad Michael Murray is hot!” Yes, I know. I have only imagined for 38 times that I am Hillary Duff. *sighs* *daydreams* Well, this is not about Chad Michael Murray, milady. Notice the gazebo where they have their first dance? “Uh-huh. I wish I have one too.” Sure you can! Building your own gazebo is possible! You know what’s so unique with this one? You can have a hot tub in it. A hot tub, fellas! Imagine it inside your gazebo with all the twinkling lights around and you with a glass of red wine in hand. What do you think? “It is tremendously romantic. Romantic, still, even if I am alone.” Yeah! It is! This project is going to be your next big and romantic thing! *winks*

Thank Omer Charest from the website Wonderful Woodworking for this wonderful idea. According to him, building this gazebo takes a little time and patience and of course patience for this woodworking project. Before building your hot tub gazebo, Charest suggests that you “check with the town or city to see what their regulations might be for height, size, and, etc.” I think that this is the general rule in any building projects that you are going to take on. They might have rules and policies in this, and it would be better to follow those. This is only for the benefit and safety of the townspeople. Also, Charest says, “It is always a good idea to determine where your services are located in your back yard so as to not locate your gazebo directly over a gas, electrical or water service.” As we add a beautiful gazebo in our home, we must ensure our safety too.

Once you have checked and determined these two, you can get busy and build your hot tub gazebo. Just click Wonderful Woodworking website below and let Omer Charest help you! *winks*

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