Building A Dining Room Table

There are so many environmentally kind design focuses lately! Reclaimed to salvaged, the best thing is to keep things out of the landfill and repurpose it for a useful addition to your home. Contemporary or chic, there is one piece that keeps showing itself in blog after blog of do-it-yourself design. The "go-to" in salvage are the wooden pallets used for shipping that tend to be discarded right after use.Which means you get the benefit of a multi-purpose environmentally friendly salvaged (and most likely free) resource. The humble and simple wood pallet comes with many different patinas and finishes and therefore no two projects will be identical.

People even have used disassembled pallets for flooring or staircases. With a bit of oiling or staining, some sanding and assembly, you can have a new bench, headboard, or table, at a fraction of "luxury" costs and it will be a unique addition to your home. Don't forget to add rolling wheels to a low coffee tables so you can even move the indoors outdoors to a back deck. You can add a glass top to the coffee table and turn it into a work space or a desk for your computer too! Likewise a piece of glass on the top of a pallet dining room table makes for an easy to clean tabletop and will make your pallet table last longer.

The opportunities are endless and you are limited only by your imagination. Also this medium is useful and from a sustainable resources versus cutting down trees, it's always better to use salvaged wood for a smaller environmental footprint. The wooden pallets I use are used in the shipping industry and usually discarded after it's use. Therefore they are reliable and usually free and available in large quantities at auctions or via shipyards. The website below at 'Wonderful Woodworking' has a great article on building a dining room table and it can be found at the link below.

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