Before and After Kitchen Reveal! WOW! She Had the Big Dreams for This Space

There are so many old, outdated kitchens out there that are in need of some attention. If you love do it yourself home improvements, this is one you'll want to see. On the Hometalk website, one user revealed her before and after photos of her kitchen renovations. You will probably agree that the results are pretty incredible. Living in an older house is a good way to potentially save some money on the initial costs of buying a home, but there are usually many do it yourself home projects to take care of first to make the house feel more current and up to date. There's only so long you can go with old, dark wood cabinets before you just have to do something about them, which is when you most likely look to home interior design websites for some ideas to implement into your renovations. Gathering diy ideas like these ones you see here is a great way to save some money on the remodelling of a home. For example, Brooke Riley's remodel only cost around $4500 US which is not too bad considering a kitchen that size can easily cost $10,000 US to fix up.

All of Brooke's cabinetry was a nice wood finish, which can be appealing in some kitchens, but unfortunately in this kitchen, it just made for a really dark space. The lack of light and all of the wood was not doing this kitchen any justice, along with the carpet in the dining room area, which we all know can get super dirty over the years. There was nothing Brooke liked about her kitchen so she was really excited to get going on her home improvements. She chose a nice bright color of blue for the walls but left the backsplash area paint free and added in a really cool backsplash tile made from embossed metal. The tile goes really nicely with the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen which they upgraded from the original appliances. Stainless steel always modernizes any old kitchen and brings it up to the 21st century. You wouldn't think that she would have went with darker floors, but the dark flooring and dark counter tops look really amazing in juxtaposition with the white cabinetry and the bright blue paint on the walls. All of the cabinets were simply repainted white to freshen them up and new brushed silver hardware was added to update the look. She even painted all of the trim in the kitchen and dining room area white to match the rest of the kitchen, as well as any doors leading into the kitchen area.

The results of this renovation are beautiful and it's so inspiring to know that they did it all themselves. It looks just as great as any professionally renovated kitchen your see on home interior design websites. If you have been thinking of renovating your kitchen, you'll definitely want to take some diy ideas from Brooke's renovations. Even if you don't have the cash to re-do the whole kitchen, you can do it little by little, buying new appliances one year, then refinishing the cabinets the next. You can also install new flooring fairly affordably if you visit flooring liquidation centres. Painting is also a quick diy project that can really bring a lot into a space and can cost under $100 to do. So no matter the current state of your kitchen, after seeing these photos you'll see that there's always a brighter future ahead for your home's decor. Enjoy this and more inspiring diy ideas and home renovation projects on Hometalk's website.***

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