A Truely Terrifying Moment on Notorious Route

Whether you are a serious rock climber or just have a vague interest in the sport, you won't be able to pass the chance to watch the incredible, and to watch what fears and dreams of made of, as in this video of star climber.

In a series on Youtube by Nick Brown, you can be witness to some incredible climbing feats. In the Stone Kingdom there is an impressive piece of rock that any true climber won't walk by without flirting with the idea. It is actually more of a boulder when you look, but is in fact a traditional climb that is rated notoriously hard (e&, 6c, 5.11). The higher you get the more of a run out there is ...which of course increases the risk of a serious fall and injury. There is a moment between each clip that makes your stomach flip.

In the back of one's mind on this route...there is the feeling that it is never really over until the top. Perhaps the hardest move is done, but the runout and thus potential for fall is serious. There is nothing worse at the end of a long run out when a foot slips...or a foot shakes or basically that feeling that you might not in fact make it. That your worst fears will be realized at the most inopportune moment. We don't want to spoil the ending, so you will just have to go and watch sweet Mina as she battles her fears on this tall slab of rock in the middle of nowhere.

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