A Big Hug For Mommy

Mother's Day is a day of so much love. Card shops are packed with children looking for the perfect card to tell mom how much they appreciate her. Flower shops are stocking up on all the seasonal favorites! Flowers are a popular way to tell Mom Thank you. Restaurants are already taking reservations. Spas are offering Mom and daughter packages, or Mom and son packages, as we want to pamper Mom for the day. Mom's are an integral part of life and our society. Even in the animal kingdom, the little ones have a big hug for Mommy!

Cards covered in stickers and glitter glue. Cupcakes with sprinkles. Bracelets made of colorful beads. A handful of flowers from the garden. A special rock or trinket. Your favorite chocolate or candy. Breakfast in bed, a picnic lunch. All offerings of love from our little ones.

Perhaps your day is spent with a heavy heart and this time of year is particularly painful. Maybe you have had to bury your precious child, or give them up or are estranged from them. Maybe it's your mother who you've had to bury, or never knew or are estranged from. Mother's give us life and for that we are grateful. Though the relationship between a mother and child is not always easy or good, Mother's Day is a day where we say thank you. Thank you for allowing me life. Thank you for loving me, nurturing me, supporting me. Thank you for your sacrifices and all you gave to help me grow. Thank you for being the amazing woman you are!

What do you plan to do for your mother? Maybe all you have to offer is a smile, a hug, a visit or a phone call. What do you hope for this Mother's Day? Perhaps like this mare, you will receive a big hug for Mommy!

Happy Mother's Day ladies! Check out this adorable foal at 'Sunny Skyz' or by following the link below.

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