A Bench Made From An Old Wooden Cable Spool

If you are anything like me, you love to visit second-hand stores or scrap yards or demolition companies to find your next treasure. I am always thinking of ways to reuse this log or make A Bench Made From An Old Wooden Cable Spool. I even had a demolition company call me as someone had left a piano in the house that was to be destroyed and if I moved it, I could have it! In the back yard we made a bench from salvaging these wooden pallets that are used to ship things from overseas and then they are usually discarded. I go to the shipyard to get them and they are given away freely or you can purchase a whole lot of them via the auction. Once they are at home you can sand the wood down and usually use its normal "petina" and then a light oil rubbed on makes the wood look so nice. You have to oil wood or it will warp and wear down. There are many things you can build using wooden pallets: floors or bed frames, stairs or counters or even swings for the backyard or a bit of a fence for raise garden beds.

But you do not have to be limited to just pallets! Even an old wooden cable spool can be refitted and reused into something purposeful, like a rustic outdoor wooden bench! In the Bark and Cherry facebook page, I get many ideas and I had to share this one as it is a perfect match for our country place where we even have a little barn for storage and this rustic-chic look is very trendy right now. It is easy to do and you are only limited by your imagination. So get your DIY on and make sure you reuse old wood and give it a new purpose!

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