9 Really Dangerous Pets

Owning an aquarium with tropical fish seems like it would be a quiet, hazard-free hobby but don't be fooled! Sometimes distinguishing between cuteness and dangerous is not an easy task. You think that little puffer fish is cute? In fact, it is toxic and many brightly colored fish can be toxic too. Puffer fish are considered to be some of the most poisonous "vertebrates" in the world, and even still are considered a delicacy in places like Japan. In addition to little spine on their skin that protrude with the fish enlarges, they even have venomous internal organs that can be quite deadly if consumed. Other fish can be toxic to your aquarium as well. The Boxfish, (includes Cow-fish, Coffer-fish and Trunk fish) are some of the deadliest fish to have, as they secrete toxins through their skin into your tank that can kill everything in the aquarium. Eels are a danger to have too. If you are bitten by an Eel - you won't forget it! They have "lock jaw" that will not let go of your hand if it bites and in some cases the owner had to pry a dead eel's jaws off his hand, breaking the bones of the jaw in the process. As Eels go a long time between feedings, make sure to keep your hands clear when feeding as they are most likely to chomp down on the first thing they see. Piranha's are highly aggressive and can "hold their own" against other aggressive fish but will eat and destroy smaller aquarium fish.

Despite the fish mentioned above there are plenty of extraordinarily colorful aquarium fish to choose from that are not dangerous or toxic. If you would like to read more on dangerous pets please make sure you read the link at X cite Fun below to read about 9 Dangerous pets!

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