9 Amazing Horse Breeds that you MUST See

It seems as though horses have been a part of our history forever, it's hard to imagine a world without them. They are a part of countless movies, tales, and adventures alike, and for good reason.

These beautiful creatures are capable of carrying a heavy load, pulling carts and carriages across great distances, helping on the farms, and being great companions. Now people ride them for fun, for work related activities, and even compete in all sorts of events - from horse racing to other more delicate equestrian riding. There is no animal that compares to the majestic and powerful beauty of a horse. In this article featured on the "Hub Pages" website, they author Ashley Nikole goes on to explain the different types of horses. They were originally imported she says, in 1519 by Hernando Cortez and gratefully survived the long ride on the ships. Since then they have happily spread across the continent and people have been benefiting ever since. The word Mustang actually means wild or stray, and it took some time and effort to tame them to the point of being able to ride them.

Now as they have bread and evolved, there are many different types, in this article 9 are explored and described in some detail. The names of the different ones are Kiger Mustang, Cayuse Indian Pony, Florida Cracker Horse, the American Quarter Horse, the American Saddle Bred, the Appaloosa, the Morgan, the American Paint Horse, and finally the Rocky Mountain Horse. Each one has their own set of unique and distinguishing qualities that set them apart from the rest. But the one thing they all have in common, is just how majestic they are! The author goes on to explain the history of each horse, a brief description, and how they are used.

So if you have a love of horses and are interested in learning more about them, then this article is worth a read. Please visit the 'Hub Pages' just below.ad.

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