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How I dream of DIY Backyard Project Plans , but as I moved to the concrete jungle of the big city, I have been limited to my 180 degree huge veranda, 31 stories above the ground below. I used to have a backyard and would scour the internet for design ideas and projects I could include. Now I stare wistfully out onto my view, and scheme about adding some green to my balcony. I started with some little pots and plants. It looked great at first, but with no hose nozzle outdoors I soon noticed I was watering so many times a day just to keep them alive, and when I went away on a vacation, some of them even died! So then it decided to invest into some great outdoor furniture and even managed to include some do it yourself aspects of using reclaimed wood for a table and planter. I was spending more and more time outdoors but it still was missing the green factor. I next tried some shrubs and plants as the planters were bigger and held more soil and water. They still suffered the same fate as the winds were harsher up high on the high rise and the plants were whipped around. I was not going to let a few setbacks stop me from having a backyard paradise. Once the BBQ was installed - entertaining became easier and fun. I am able to use more of my outside space and this weekend I am doing another DIY project I found on the internet.

I want to install synthetic grass on my condo balcony so it can feel soft beneath my feet and my pets can run on the soft ground versus hard concrete. I've measured it out and think it will be the perfect summer addition and make the condo look more green as the outside will reflect the more environmentally friendly decor inside. I'm excited and I hope that this article in Homestead & Survival below will give you great ideas to transform your living spaces!

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