42 Of The Most Important Puppies Of All Time

Who's in need of some cuteness in their life?! This grouping of photos from Buzz Feed is the post for you to see today! 42 Amazingly cute puppies to scroll through, each you will wish you could take home and call your own. They are photographed at the perfect moments and their owners were kind enough to share their cute pets with us through the internet! This post features some of the sweetest puppies you will ever see! Take my word for it! It will also cheer you up like all the other cute posts on Buzz Feed if you are having a bad day or feel out of sorts. What is it about animals that can just make all our troubles melt away? I love the little one in the purple knitted hoodie! So tiny he fits into his owner's palm. Or the little one reaching his paw out to the camera? The photo is so clear it makes you feel like you could reach out and grab the little guy's paw! SO adorable! It seems like there has been an explosion of people's cute pet photos!

It seems like people connect through their pets these days too, like when you go out for a walk, if you have a dog, you can meet so many new people through your dogs connecting! Its so amazing! So head on over and check out these adorable pups, you might just make your mind up that you want to get one if you don't have one already! And while you are at the Buzz Feed web site, make sure you look around and check out more of their awesome posts! They have so many you could just keep scrolling for days! And always check back here for the awesome hand picked ones!

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