32 Photos That Will Make Your Stomach Drop

Another Q & A, people! What is one thing that can make your stomach drop? “Bungee jumping. I can’t stand it!” “Dude, have you heard about life as a roller coaster ride? I’m not sure if you still want that kind of ride in life. It makes my stomach jiggle!” “Sky diving just makes me feel sick!” Do you want to know what makes my stomach drop? “Well, what?” Sitting.”Sitting? Impossible!” Yes, it is possible. It is possible just to sit while looking at these 32 photos that will absolutely make your stomach churn! Would you like to have a seat and join me as we explore two of these 32 stomach-dropping photos? “That’s another exciting kind of adventure so yes!”Great! Get yourself ready because here we go!”

Can you imagine a Portaledge camping? “Yes!” Do you want to try Portaledge camping at Yosemite? *silence* “Wait, before I let my imagination work, what is a portaledge?” Portaledge is a “deployable hanging tent system designed for rock climbers who spend multiple days and nights on a big wall climb.” *silence* Can you imagine now? Can you imagine a camping inside a hanging tent in Yosemite’s wall climb? *silence* Right, there’s no answer. I bet you are still imagining. Anyway, this photo of two people doing a Portaledge camping at Yosemite is just so hard to imagine. In the image, you can see a guy looking down the tent while the woman is reading. Can you believe that?! She could still read at a situation like that! If that is me, I might be done with my third rosary. Well, these climbers are just brave! Another stomach-churning photo… well, I don’t think it’s going to be. The awesomeness level is higher that the stomach-dropping one. Would you love to try an extreme picnicking? Personally, instead of feeling sick, this photo makes me want to join the people in the picture. These are my kind of friends! A picnic in a hanging table? No problem! *winks*

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