30 DIY Useful And Smart Ideas: How To Repurpose Wooden Barrels

There's something so appealing about the natural allure of rustic styles. Dare I say, 'rustic chic'? Throw in a touch of cleverness to give an old-fashioned decor a modern purpose, and you've got something pretty irresistible on your hands. That's what these designers have discovered, and why they're repurposing old wooden barrels to achieve just that effect. I was pretty surprised to learn of all the creative ways that wooden barrels can be reshaped to fit into our modern lives. Some people have converted them into sinks, shelving units, bedside tables, even a pretty cosy looking dog house. My favourite, though, has to be the wooden-barrel drum kit. Absolutely perfect for your pirate-rock band. (Don't tell me pirate-rock isn't a thing - go get a wooden barrel drum kit and make it a thing.)

However, there are countless other ways to modify this staple of the rustic world to give it a practical purpose. With the right tools, you can turn your own barrel into a wine rack, a drink cooler, or a planter. It sounds great, doesn't it? But, of course, you have to wonder where one finds old wooden barrels - it's not like they're in everyday use anymore (and if you see several of them floating down the river, it's pretty safe to assume there are hobbits hiding inside, so you should just let them be). Fortunately for you, you can actually order wooden barrels online. I hate to think what the shipping cost would be (unless being sent by river, I guess), but the barrels themselves can cost under a hundred dollars. Not a bad starting place for your next awesome DIY project, is it? So have a look at the photos in the link below to the 'Our Daily Ideas' website, and I'm sure some inspiration will strike. If not for a barrel design, at least for a pirate rock song.

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