25 Awesome Recycled Wine Barrel Ideas

Wine barrel furniture is very beautiful. If you have old wine barrels lying around, or any round barrel for that matter, the geniuses over at Goods Home Design have 25 amazing ideas you can do to give new life to your old barrels. Recycling anything, be it barrels, old clothes, or old furniture, can make for a fun, productive hobby. It doesn't always have to be something you can do for free: if you take this hobby seriously, you can even make it your sideline and make money off of it too!

There's so much beauty in old belongings, and it's unfortunate that only a few people get to appreciate re-purposing old things. Have you every wondered why recycling is so appealing to so many people? The answer lies in the very process of finding new purpose for old, tattered and worn out belongings. Recycling is a very affordable hobby-- just about anyone can turn an old bottle into a vase, or old wine glasses into a working chandelier. All it takes to create something grand from worn-out objects are a few art materials, some determination, and a whole lot of creativity. People who love working with their hands and want a challenge can turn to DIY as a new hobby.

To many people, recycling is not limited to being a hobby, it is a lifestyle and a business too. Many DIY aficionados today also sell their recycled creations, and guess what, it's a very lucrative industry!

If you want in, start with re-purposing your old barrels. The sky's the limit when it comes to re-purposing old wine barrels, but you can start your first DIY project by picking any of the 25 awesome recycling ideas suggested by Good Home Design.

No old wine barrels lying around? Apple barrels or wooden water barrels may be ideal alternatives for this activity. If you have a few more dollars lying around, you could visit old farms or old breweries and purchase their old and broken barrels for cheap.

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