16 Utterly Awesome Wood Pallet Fence Project Ideas

Wood pallets are like the Legos of the DIY real world, assuming Legos can't be used to build life-sized fences that can keep coyotes, stray animals, and trespassers out. Unlike Legos, however, wood pallets are easy to construct, find, and most amazingly, easy to repurpose and use as primary construction materials for your garden, farm, or house fence. Like real Legos, the sky's the limit when it comes to designing and building fences using only a few nails, some paint, and the main ingredient: a huge pile of wood pallets.

Pallet fencing, or using wood pallets for a fence, have been a popular construction add-on on many homes primarily because of their affordability and aesthetic features. Wood pallets may be purchased just about anywhere, but if you have old broken wood pallets around, you can fix them up just as easily and repurpose them for your new fence. Wood pallets are also easy to adorn. Although they look very traditional and even rustic, as they are just wood, after all, you can still give them a little oomph by painting them over in bright colors.

Without a doubt, when it comes to building cheap, easy, and beautiful barricade, wood pallets are the ideal construction materials a sturdy fence. You can design your pallet fencing however you like, while constructing them may be done even with basic construction or carpentry knowledge. Assuming you have all your construction materials and wood pallets ready, what should you do next? Pick a fence design, of course!

The internet is abundant in pallet fence designs, but to help you with your search, here are 16 amazing, easy, and affordable fence designs you can get started with. If it's a garden fence you need, or perhaps a stable for your sheep, horses, or other poultry animals, here are easy wood pallet fence ideas you can view on the ' Goods Home Designs' website below.

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