16 Pictures of The Cutest Guinea Pigs in this World

If you don’t think that guinea pigs are cute, you should stop whatever you are doing now and spend a little time reading this article. Guinea pigs are to the nth percent adorable and lovable! I wouldn’t mind living with one million guinea pigs at home. If my doctor require that I saw something cute every day, I would go to the pet store right away and buy all the available guinea pigs. Yes, it is exaggerated my friend. Blame it on the guinea pigs – their cuteness is just so exaggerated too. “Whoa, hold on and calm your…calm yourself, buddy. You say guinea pigs are cute, but what are guinea pigs? Are they some kind of a pig?” *silence* You, dear one, should read whatever I am going to type here about guinea pigs, ok?

Guinea pigs, as stated in Wikipedia, are a “species of rodent belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia.” See that? It is not a pig nor does it belong to pig family. Guinea pigs are rodents. RODENT. And now you know. *winks* It is one of the common misconceptions about guinea pigs. Their common name has led some people to think that they are pigs. Also, they don’t come from Guinea. Guinea pigs originate in the Andes located in South America. They are also called ‘cavy’. You cannot see them in the wild as they don’t exist naturally in there. In indigenous South American groups, guinea pigs play a vital role. They are associated in their community ceremonies and folk medicine. Many people in Western countries are in love with the idea of having guinea pigs as their pet. According to Wikipedia, “their docile nature and responsiveness to handling and feeding, and the relative ease of caring for them, continue to make the guinea pig a popular pet.” Now that is a guinea pig and the reason why I love them. *smiles*

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