12 Underwater Photos of Dogs Fetching Their Ball

Gums, teeth, tongue and water. Splash, crash, thrash, water! Streams of light trickling in, the glow of sunshine sparkling. Man's or woman's best friend, it is said, takes another great leap into the cool, freshness, all in hopes of snagging his special toy. He paddles, he kicks, he swims. Grabbing the ball in between his teeth, he grins. He has done it!

I have two dogs. One plays fetch with great enthusiasm. In fact he would keep going if we never put the ball away. He loves it so much we don't know when he'd stop. My other dog, figures if you throw something away, you must not want it and he has absolutely no intention of getting it. He loves to play keep away instead. One swims well, the other not so much. We love our dogs. They are our companions, our guard dogs and a part of our family.

Seth Casteel of Little Friend's Photo,also loves his dog. He loves animals in general and devotes hundreds of hours of his time and thousands of dollars of his income to saving animals. Whether it is volunteering at animal shelters and rescues across the country, or using his craft to raise awareness, Seth has done much to save pets. Seth specializes in lifestyle photography. His photos have helped increase pet adoptions as well as increased traffic in the shelters and rescues. Thanks to his love and dedication, hundreds of pets are finding new homes and a second chance at a family. Seth's photography and efforts have launched 'SecondChancePhoto.org', an organization aimed at saving pets through photography.

You can check out Seth's work at 'LittleFriendsPhoto.com' or by reading the 'Little Friends Photo blog' or following him on Facebook and twitter, or following the link below. Also be sure to check out the Second Chance Photos website to see how you can be part of saving a pet's life today.

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