10 Fascinating Facts About Horses

Many of us love seeing horses in films and television, but few of us know these amazing 10 fascinating facts about these incredible animals. Horses are beautiful majestic creatures that have captivated the human imagination and spirit for thousands of years, creating legendary figures like Pegasus and even the more modern Seabiscuit in the process. Not only are they incredible physically, with certain breeds being able to run a hundred miles in a day, but they also are very diverse when it comes to how they are used in society, which ranges from racehorses to police horses to work horses to even some horses who are harvested for their meat in some countries, which many of us find just plain wrong.

Growing up I was lucky enough to learn how to ride a horse through a school program so that every Friday I would learn to ride and properly groom a horse. I learned to scoop out their shoes and brush the horse but also to stroke the horse's nose and be nice to it to calm it down. It turns out that horses have a memory even greater than that of an elephant, so they remember if you are kind or mean to them. This is another great reason horses are often considered the same level as people, because of their amazing memories and their distinct personalities.

One more interesting fact about horses is that they are one of the few animals who wear shoes, which help with gripping the ground and function like a person's shoe to protect the horse's feet, though the horse doesn't require shoes to run well. In fact, horses' hooves are made from the same material as horns and claws and are quite strong on their own. When it comes to different breeds, horses also have quite a few amazing combinations. Did you know that a mule was a cross between a donkey and a horse, and that many other combinations exist, even a zebra and a horse? They are called "zorses" and they are a popular new trend among horse owners for their exotic look while still being ride-able.

Horses are amazing animals with many commonly missed secrets and characteristics. Learning everything there is to know about these incredible noble animals would be very difficult and could take a lifetime, but these top ten fascinating facts about horses are a great place to start for any horse lover and a fantastic way to begin to know more about them.

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