DIY STUNNING Floor Made from Upcycled Wood Pallets!

We are featuring here from what a blogger writes; I came across this article as we were searching for uses for the large amount of wooden pallets we are interested in recycling. We have constructed a raised garden bed and a bench, but we still have numerous pallets leftover. The bench was easy enough to construct, and the raised garden beds are flourishing. Our children have even constructed a sort of garden "swing" with one of the pallets and our son has become quite the woodworker and has made wine shelves and an outdoor "coffee table" for our back deck with some of the pallets that were in great condition. Our research led us to the idea of using the wooden planks from the pallets as flooring. We have cement flooring and would need a sub-floor prior to installing this, but its a great idea and the finished room in this article looks great.

I wonder if our 13-year-old son could do the floor installation described in this article? The step by step instructions provided look easy enough to do, and our housing style would suit the finished look. Some concerns we have is if dirt or dust gets trapped in the natural groove and holes in the wood and if there is a problem with splinters if we wear bare feet on the flooring. We would want to keep the wood as natural as possible, but we drink red wine and know that wood can stain if not properly treated. I assume it would be easy to replace a pallet of wood if required by damage/staining.

All-in-all this project looks family friendly and easy enough to warrant the usage of our remaining pallets. Maybe we will do a blog posting describing our journey and if I found out any answers to my own questions!

In the meantime check out the webiste 'A Building We Shall Go' below to see the inspiration for this post and for our new floor idea!

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